Athena for Political by a4 - campaign planning, onboarding, execution tool

Athena for Political

Meet Athena for Political by a4 – the campaign planning, onboarding, and execution tool that lets you target voters on every screen.

The upcoming election season will be the biggest ever!

Targeting the right voters across screens with the right message at the right time is critical.

Our platform offers you the ability to: 

  • Target anywhere in the country by selecting any political boundary, zip, county, state, or DMA
  • Upload a custom list and receive match counts in less than 5 minutes
  • Launch OTT, pre-roll, and display campaigns on demand
  • Mix and match multiple audiences with Boolean logic
  • Ability to build & save audiences for future use
  • Credit card payment processing
  • Monitor performance with a 24/7 dashboard accessible through Athena

Athena for Political

Meet Athena for Political by a4.

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