Political and Public Affairs Advertising

The most experience targeting voters with unprecedented accuracy

a4 delivers billions of ad impressions for thousands of candidates and causes in every U.S. state and around the world. No one has more experience audience targeting for politics and public affairs.

Using the National Online Voter File® and a4’s patented voter targeting technology, we target specific voter segments by party affiliation, vote frequency (including the number of primaries and general elections voted), donation history, political geographic segments including congressional district, State Senate district, State House district, local jurisdictions, and tens of thousands of additional data points.

In addition to third party data, we match your data for digital targeting. Using both cookie and authenticated IP matching sources, our match rates and reach are unparalleled. We offer voter targeted pre-roll video, voter targeted display, voter targeted mobile, search, retargeting and social media advertising solutions.

We partner with your existing creative team to develop compelling ad content and copy to help your campaign drive the message and affect public opinion.

We offer on-demand dashboard access to your campaign performance, allowing you to personally monitor progress and results. Key campaign metrics and performance indicators are constantly updated to provide you the ability to track changing online behavior throughout your campaign.

Our political offerings

We believe in screen-agnostic audience targeting. We help our clients target voters across all four screens: TV, computer, tablet, mobile. Using our authoritative data and digital targeting platform, we enable messaging at home and away, putting the right ad on the right device in front of the right person at the right time.

  • Audience Targeting:
    We offer targeted messaging over digital and CTV.

  • Cookie & IP Targeting:
    We deliver data driven advertising using authenticated addressable IP targeting. We directly match the target’s physical address to that household’s IP address, providing an unprecedented level of accuracy. No other platform has this capability. We extend the reach with cookies, allowing for home and away targeting.

  • Audience Segments:
    In addition to the National Online Voter File®, we regularly access tens of thousands of third party data points, partnering with most targeting and analytics vendors.

  • Viewability & Fraud Prevention:
    Our first line of fraud defense is our targeting method. We use first party offline data matched on a one-to-one basis with online IDs, and naturally weed out bot traffic. The validity of your ad impressions and your brand safety is our ultimate concern.

  • Geofencing:
    Leveraging data from location-enabled apps over 1B mobile devices, we target and retarget consumers based on current location, location history, offline purchase data, devices and content. Our unique ad inventory generates far higher engagement than seen elsewhere.

Our patented process

Our patented process matches voter registration records from our proprietary National Online Voter File® dataset with scores of other proprietary consumer and behavioral data sources, including our pool of authenticated cookie and IP address data. a4 can also layer your own first party data sources into a campaign to achieve maximum results. We then integrate this data with our voter-targeted digital advertising platform, enabling candidates and causes to target voters with laser-like accuracy. While other voter-targeted platforms typically use modeled voter data — which leads to inefficient and inaccurate targeting — our approach allows you to target specific registered voters online, eliminating waste in advertising.