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Who are your competitors?

As a multi-screen marketing platform, we are asked this question every day. The better question is, “What are you doing to outmatch, outclass and outperform everyone else?” There are so many ways to spend advertising budgets, and there seems to be a constant race by an ever-changing roster of players – a race to roll out the next shiny object, a race to grow quickly, and, worst of all, a race to the bottom on pricing. Those are unwinnable races, and shortsighted pursuits. What I know about the long game is that it should always go back to what’s best for the customer.


What can you do to give your customers something no one else can offer? What solutions, even ones that don’t immediately have massive revenue behind them, will help you win in a scalable, sustainable way? How can you position yourself as the one they can’t live without?


At a4 we recently rolled out Audience Insights Reports to our clients. AIR provides business owners and decision makers with real-world insights about their physical store locations – including month over month increases or decreases in foot traffic, uncovering the neighborhoods where their customers live and work, and whether those customers also visit competitors, and how often. AIR is air cover for making smarter marketing decisions.


Innovative products and insights like AIR help us build more meaningful relationships with our partners by providing them value beyond just running their ad campaigns. Just as importantly, it empowers our sales force to be marketing consultants and not transactional salespeople. When we focus on building thoughtful solutions that cultivate long-term relationships with our customers, we’re winning a much bigger race.


Rosie O’Meara, VP Client Services & Mobile Solutions, a4


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