Directory Traffic

TV Advertising

Buy an audience, not a schedule.

The average viewer spends 6 hours and 22 minutes consuming television programming each day. a4 will ensure that you reach your customers with the most cost effective levels of reach.

Optimized Schedules

Leverage the richest data for audience targeting.

Using TV viewership data from 10 million households and over 100 hit networks, we’ll pinpoint your audience and deliver a customized schedule across the programs they love to watch most!

*Network availability varies by region.

Addressable Advertising

Customized creative for each of your audience segments.

The relevance of your message is key. With Addressable Advertising, pinpoint your audience and deliver a specific ad directly to each segment at the same time.

Not available in all regions. Maximum of 5 creative versions apply.

Special Events

Combine on-air and off-air initiatives.

Advertise your brand in a whole new way. From sweepstakes to on-site events, a4 will manage it all.

TV Sponsorships

Become a local sponsor.

Pair your brand with some of the most popular programs or sponsor videos that relay informational and educational tips that resonate with viewers.


Don’t have a commercial? We have a professional crew ready to produce a high-quality ad for you!

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