Directory Traffic

Digital Advertising

The largest reach in the U.S. in and out of the home

Reaching over 85 Million households with cookies and 50 Million with IP address.

Household Targeting

Deliver ads with digital precision.

Connecting at the household level is enabled by a privacy compliant IP address to postal address link set by the only source of truth, the internet service provider. All personal data is secured and anonymized through a4 software and technologies.

Digital Home and Away

Stay connected to a household on the go.

Proprietary technology and exclusive partnerships enable a4 to access the largest device graph in the U.S. extending reach to 1.5 billion devices.


Dynamic mobile display advertising that reaches on-the-go customers.

AdTickerTM is a dynamic ad platform that delivers customized scroll ads to consumers’ mobile phones. It allows local businesses to connect with their customers in real-time, wherever they are.