Directory Traffic


Optimized Linear

a4’s optimized linear targeting uses the target audience’s anonymized TV viewing data to determine the ideal, impression-based TV schedule designed to run on the channels and dayparts a target audience most likely watches.


a4 runs TV + digital campaigns across all screens — TV, tablet, mobile and computer. a4’s multiscreen planning & activation platform is informed by the client’s target audience’s actual media consumption data to optimize the mix of TV & digital and TV networks & dayparts

Athena by a4

Athena by a4 is the engine that powers the a4 offering. It’s the essential tool that delivers desired results. The self-service planning and activation platform allows clients to easily plan, build and optimize their campaign based on media mix in a matter of minutes. Athena by a4 provides unprecedented simplicity in an overly-complicated advertising world.


CG Direct’s self-service voter targeting platform allows candidates and causes to accurately reach the voters who matter most, via the right device at the right time. CGD also provides on-demand access to campaign performance metrics so clients can personally monitor results in real time.