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Wael Sabra

Wael Sabra

Wael heads product and engineering at a4 Media. He is responsible for a4’s addressable and multiscreen products servicing national and local brands.


Prior to a4, Wael led the advanced analytics products at Altice Media Solutions. During his time at AMS, Wael grew the advanced analytics product portfolio by 300% in annual revenues within 24 months while maintaining business margins. He also oversaw the creation of network tune-in planning and analytics products.


Prior to Altice Media Solutions, Wael oversaw addressable TV data operations and analytics. He helped grow the addressable TV advertising revenue 600% in two years by building and standardizing connections to third party audiences.


Having joined Cablevision in 2009, Wael led numerous big data collection initiatives increasing data asset collection and footprint. During his time at Cablevision, he sat on data governance boards as well as video strategy committees. He also consulted on next-gen video delivery focusing on predicting video consumption growth and better directing IP network investment. Wael also consulted in several verticals including finance and government.


Wael’s customer focus and understanding of market needs, coupled with his intimate knowledge of big data, advertising processes and multiscreen addressability helps him continuously deliver successful ad products.


Wael has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in information strategy from Columbia University.