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Jeff Dittus

Jeff Dittus

Jeff Dittus is the senior vice president of multiscreen ad solutions for a4. He is an entrepreneur focused on the intersection between big data and addressable advertising on the web, mobile and TV.

Jeff has been a leader in the evolution of new media and direct marketing. While previously at National Media, he helped build the world’s largest direct television marketing firm into a global operation in 70 countries. By founding IT Capital, Jeff established New Zealand’s first venture capital company and at MediaBay, he turned a failing mail order club with 2.5 million customers into a leading edge online platform selling audiobooks and classic radio shows via digital download and satellite radio broadcasts.

As a co-founder of CampaignGrid and World Benefactor in 2008, which became Audience Partners in 2011, Jeff spearheaded the creation of The National Online Voter File® – A non-partisan big data set of every registered voter in the United States. Jeff has been issued two patents protecting Audience Partners’ invention of using voter data to reach online audiences across digital devices.

Jeff has a degree in finance the Pennsylvania State University.