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From Over the Air To Over The Top: Benefits of OTT

By Angelica Veras


The increase of direct to consumer video content has revolutionized how we consume entertainment today. Gone are the days where one television consumed the undivided attention of the audience. Now audiences can consume video content whenever and wherever they want. OTT makes this experience possible.


OTT, or “Over The Top,” is the delivery of video content to the audience via a connected device without the use of a cable set top box. The devices in this category range from Apple TV to game consoles. OTT presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to enhance their brand exposure to a growing audience.


What are the Benefits of OTT?


  • Reach Cord Cutters and “Cord Nevers”: As the number of OTT users is slated to increase to 181.5 million users in 2019 (up 6.7% from 2018), broadcast TV, on the other hand, is currently experiencing a decline in ratings due to a decline in viewership.


  • Better Audience Targeting: Adding OTT to your marketing plan will ensure that your video campaign is delivered to the right consumer on the right device at the right time, thus eliminating the possibility of wasted marketing dollars that are typically a side effect with traditional linear TV campaigns.


  • Quicker Turnaround Time for Advanced Data: Linear TV depends heavily on Nielsen ratings in effort to inform advertisers and content producers alike on the performance of a particular program. Not only is Nielsen rating data based on a limited sample size that is supposed to represent an entire demographic, it can also take up to 1 month to obtain measurement data in small to mid sized markets if your TV campaign is airing locally. OTT, on the other hand, offers advanced audience analysis and surveying (that extend past age, gender, and race) as quickly as within the hour, thus decreasing the turnaround time for campaign reporting.


  • Non-Fraudulent Ecosystem: Whether purchased directly from a publisher or programmatically, OTT operates in a closed and controlled environment, thus avoiding the possibility of your content airing on inappropriate programming.


OTT is transforming the TV landscape as we know it. It’s important to find the right partner in order to ensure that your marketing dollars are put to good use. Luckily, a4 offers the only national cross-screen OTT solution that is powered by fully authenticated data. This solution will allow you to reach your target audience via all screens within one household. It is a true hyper targeted solution that will allow you to increase the ROI of your marketing budget.



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