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Facebook Ad Changes and What it Means for Advertisers

Targeting audiences via Facebook is changing drastically.

According to AdExchanger, as of September 30 Facebook plans to prevent third-party data providers from offering targeting data on the platform. Its current feature called “partner categories” is able to supplement targeting with data from third-parties. After September 30th, the feature will no longer be available and advertisers will only be able to use either their own first-party data or Facebook’s data (i.e. a user’s likes, locations, interests).


This decision comes as a result of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the political-data company allegedly used data that they improperly retrieved from Facebook without their knowledge to advertise to voters.

So what does this mean for a4 clients?


Fortunately, it means a4 clients have no reason to worry.

a4 has a vast amount of aggregated and combined data at the household level that advertisers can continue to activate on Facebook. Clients don’t have to rely on third-party data to reach key audiences, and first-party targeting data works well with our targeting methods. We package the data and media together so the client doesn’t have to acquire the dataset. Further, planning and forecasting is more challenging with third-party audiences. Our highly accurate household data delivers better results and be more efficiently. a4 offers rich and unique data sets are matched, aggregated and maintained to tens of millions of IP-targetable households to enhance audience targeting on all advertising platforms.

However, if a4 clients ARE leveraging any third-party data segments in Facebook, please let us know so we can either suggest an alternative dataset or acquire the same data before September 30.

We are committed to providing the most secure, privacy-conscious audience targeting tactics in the industry. Our addressable digital targeting continues to allow advertisers to serve digital ads with unmatched precision and superior results.