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Experiments to Detect TV’s Sales Impact

By Dale Thomas


Does a drug make folks healthier? Likewise, does TV advertising increase sales? – a4 Media’s unique experimental analysis holds the answers!


An experiment ensures those who get the drug are the same type of folks who get the placebo. Therefore, the only reason the drug group is healthier is because of the drug.


However, unlike a drug, where a scientist can control who gets a drug or a placebo, a media scientist can’t control who gets TV ads or not. In fact, a4 Media uses smart TVs and set top boxes to measure the TV tuning habits of millions of households across the US to purposefully pick TV networks and dayparts that attracts purchasers. Furthermore, a4 Media can pick networks and dayparts that maximize reach by not over saturating heavy viewers across networks and dayparts. Those who got your TV ads are different. It’s unfair to simply compare those who got your TV ads versus those who did not.


Fortunately, a4 Media’s big data and advanced analytics enable experimental analysis. Here’s how:


  • a4 Media’s proprietary algorithm uses TV viewing data to estimate everyone’s probability of seeing your ads. This unique capability ensures that we can fairly compare unexposed homes with exposed homes. Heavy TV users that tend to watch your networks and dayparts will be compared to similar heavy users, likewise, for medium and light TV viewers.
  • Big data then captures who purchased or not.


The trick is finding those who did not get your TV ads but had the same probability of getting your TV adsIt would then be fair to compare those who got your ads to these similar folks. – Therefore, the only reason why sales are higher among those who got your TV ads is because of the impact of those ads. This is the main reason clients rely on a4 Media’s approach to calculate ROI of their TV ads.


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