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Don’t Believe Bogus Voter Targeting Claims – One Method Stands Out

When looking for a digital ad execution partner that delivers high-quality impressions to prospective voters, it’s easy to be blinded by the BS. Many agencies make promises that they can’t realistically keep; and if they do appear to keep them, it’s often a ruse.


a4, however, can offer a very unique approach and solution, having executed approximately 10,000 campaigns that deliver compelling ad content while using premium data and best-in-class delivery tools.

What can a political and public affairs professional do to prevent being led astray? It’s simple: you should use the best digital audience targeting system available … with proven and measurable results. And you will get results with a4’ powerful voter targeting method that has delivered billions of ad impressions since 2009.


How it works

a4 is able to target specific voter segments by party affiliation, vote frequency, donation history and thousands of other data points through the National Online Voter File. Naturally, voter records are U.S. Postal address-based, so targeting them via cookies — which are typically tied to an email address, NOT a postal address — requires more than a small leap of faith … and natural audience erosion. A4, on the other hand, combines the best and most accurate digital targeting method — based on ISP-authenticated IP addresses — with cookie targeting to reach 50%+ more of a target political audience.

a4’s unique technology maps consumer households’ postal addresses (which the Voter File is based on) to ISP-authenticated IP addresses through its strategic partnerships with the major U.S. ISPs. This mapping process ensures that the audience receiving the advertising is authenticated; that is, the audience you reach online is, in fact, that target that you desire.

Only a4 has the MVPD partnerships in place to map IP addresses to postal addresses, providing a much higher match rate than cookie targeting alone.

The combination of authenticated addressable digital targeting (for those homes with a broadband connection) and cookie targeting (for households that don’t), you can “find” 50%+ more homes than with cookie targeting alone.

There is simply no other method to reach digital audiences that’s better than authenticated addressable digital targeting. Any other agency telling you otherwise is peddling BS. Don’t buy it.