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DC Ad Week Photo Roundup

a4 participated in DC Ad Week through Oct. 19. This year, #ADWKDC focused on branding and how become and remain brand authentic.


a4 VP Jordan Lieberman was on a political panel titled “How Politics Has Shaped Advertising.” The breakout session discussed how political advertising is being challenged, how it’s pushing the entire advertising industry and also what advertisers and marketers gain from learning how political works. a4 also hosted a breakfast on Oct. 18 where President Paul Haddad spoke.


DC Ad Week took place from Oct. 15-19, 2018. In the photo above, Paul Haddad prepares to speak at the a4 breakfast on Oct. 18. Right, the sun rises over DC and the Capitol. Below, Paul Haddad welcomes the attendees to the a4 breakfast and discusses the state of advertising today.
Pictured above and below, a4 VP Jordan Lieberman hosts a political panel “How DC is Leading” at DC Ad Week on Oct. 18, 2018.