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Advertising Week Preview: Learn About a4’s Sessions

Advertising Week has begun!


Advertising Week New York debuted in 2004 and is focused on furthering the conversation in this fast-paced industry with informative sessions from leaders in the marketing, advertising, tech and creative spaces.


a4 has two exciting panels planned for this week. President Paul Haddad will sit on a panel on Thursday, Oct. 4 at 4:00 p.m., and SVP of Marketing and Data Analytics John Povey will join a panel Thursday, Oct. 4 at 9:30 a.m. Check out the details of each session below.


Show Me the Money: Proving ROI Has Never Been Easier


The latest ad spending approaches have shown promising and valuable results. Marketers are now able to determine the effectiveness and outcome of their ad spend, while having the ability to analyze the results and optimize their methods.


The panel will use their experience and skills as they discuss the challenges of today’s data ecosystem and reveal how to produce a significant ROI.


Speakers include Hilary Milnes, senior reporter at Glossy; John Povey, SVP of marketing and data analytics at a4; Mike Romoff, head of global agency and channel sales at LinkedIn; Antonio Tomarchio, CEO at Cuebiq; and Karima Zmerli, Ph.D, chief data sciences officer at Wavemaker Global.


Crossing Screens and Breaking Boundaries


Agencies have all too often operated in silos, with TV and digital being planned and placed independently. The results of this are often mixed because the data and assumptions that drove those campaigns just weren’t accurate. It has become much easier to sim


ply plan cross-screen campaigns with the right data, so we as an industry can break down those silos and deliver the accuracy and transparency that clients demand.


a4 President Paul Haddad will lead an informative panel discussion with industry brand leaders and innovators to explain the new ways marketers can utilize data in a multi-screen world to create simpler and more effective campaigns. He will discuss how data, automation and simplicity come together to provide the most effective advertising solution possible in today’s complex media climate.


Speakers include Paul Haddad, a4 President; Donnie Williams, chief digital officer at Horizon Media; Jonathan Adams, executive director and managing partner at Wavemaker; and Julian Zilberbrand, EVP of audience science at Viacom.


The Takeaway


Panel attendees will walk away with more knowledge about how to grow their ROI and better ways to deliver effective advertising in today’s complex market. a4 is proud to share its knowledge with Advertising Week participants.


Make sure to tweet us @a4tise and use our hashtag #a4AW during this eventful week. Don’t miss it!