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Who We Are

a4 Media is the first and only end-to-end platform that makes it simple to execute audience-based multiscreen ad campaigns for local, regional and national advertising clients.

a4 enables ad clients to reach more than 90 million U.S. households on television via linear cable networks, on-demand, OTT and addressable inventory and more than 45 million U.S. households via authenticated, privacy-compliant digital addressability. a4 also provides access to rich targeting data sets and powerful multiscreen analytics and attribution services.
Altice USA is a4’s parent company and is one of the largest communications providers in the U.S., delivering broadband, television, and telephony services to more than 4.9 million customers.
Watch our introduction video below to learn what we do.

As a forward-focused, technology-driven organization, our investments in innovative technologies and companies enables us to simplify the media planning and execution process and, by doing so, increase our clients’ marketing investment ROI.

In addition, the a4 platform enables advertising clients to achieve unparalleled:
Targeting an audience is a highly complex, four-dimensional puzzle. a4 leverages our unique data and technology assets to solve this problem by answering four key questions for our clients: who (audience), what (medium), when (timing), and where (location). a4 uniquely answers the…
  • “Who” by finding the multiscreen audience based on our deep data asset library
  • “What” by our knowledge of the target audience’s media consumption behavior
  • “When” by knowing when a target consumes certain types of media
  • “Where” by our ability to deliver timely impressions in- and out-of-home

We have brought together key pieces that solve the puzzle. Our TV reach of 90+ million households offers optimized linear, addressable TV and CTV (or connected TV); and our digital reach is enabled by authenticated addressable digital (50 million) plus cookie targeting (85 million).