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a4 Acquires New Tech Brand to Deliver Better Mobile Advertising

a4 recently acquired Zapp360 and its AdMessenger solution to further expand into the mobile space. While we already provide superior local TV advertising, we look forward to using our unique skills to further strengthen our local mobile advertising capabilities.


We have been using AdMessenger in the local markets since the second quarter of 2018, and have found that it offers far better results than other mobile products in the space.


Zapp360 is a technology company that offers proprietary SaaS solutions for local advertisers and sellers. Its technology engine has unique understanding and data on how to effectively deliver ad messaging to local audiences.


This is the latest move for our organization, which started offering cross-screen addressable solutions to the market in April of 2018. Our unique platform makes it easy for marketers to plan and deliver cross-screen, addressable media campaigns across multiple devices – TV, laptop, tablet, mobile – on a national, local and household level.


We are proud to be extremely efficient at local TV advertising. Our optimized linear targeting uses the target audience’s anonymized TV viewing data to determine the ideal, impression-based TV schedule designed to run on the channels and dayparts an audience most likely watches. Ads can run on channels and dayparts that can provide cost efficiency and deliver the same number of target impressions as a channel that has a bigger overall audience.


Optimized linear eliminates the guesswork in building TV advertising plans and delivers ads directly to the intended target audience, increasing brand engagement and impact. Similarly, our acquisition of Zapp360’s technology will make it easier for clients to find the right audience without having to guess who will be most receptive to the message.


We look forward to being able to offer a more effective mobile targeting technology to our clients and customers – creating a true “home and away” solution, delivering targeted ads to audiences wherever they may be.